Serena Davis

— enchantresse de vos rÊves —



A sweet and curious spirit, I am ever moved by discovery: what do you yearn for?

I cherish each encounter as a chance to explore one another, body and soul. (In fact, nothing ignites my desires more than witnessing your complete satisfaction.) Let us revel in a moment of genuine, spontaneous human connection.  

When we are together, you are in capable hands. I do not doubt my abilities to curate the most artful of encounters. If you have any particulars in mind, I encourage you to make it known in your correspondence; the possibilities are endless. Each meeting is unique and subject to the negotiations that  arise organically through the meeting of two (or more) souls.

Mature beyond my years, deeply spiritual and sensitive, full of wit and brilliant charm.  

I do consider myself a bit of a princess, but rest assured, it will be I who does all the doting. My company is available to individuals and couples alike, regardless of race, ability, orientation, gender, body type. Join me for and escape from the mundane, a tryst between the sheets. I just might leave you breathless...